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Paver block is real working concerte pave r block making plant with an vibrating Table and PVC paver mould Rubber paver mould is also used in Vibrating table. Shree umiya precast which is expert in Paver blocks manufacture in India they used new latest machinery of paver block plant which make 3000-5000 paver block per day. And it is highly depend upon the labour skill and provided manufacturing condition. And this is highly used in the flooring purpose. Concrete block molds and casting are widely used as building materials for decorative purpose during construction of paver block. Very smooth finish possible can be matte or gloss finish good aesthetic look and serve as decorative article.

Steps of Paver block manufacture

» The rubber moulds are washed with sulphuric acid in washing ponds with varying concentration of acid of the cement concrete and colour pigments stick to the inner rubber surface.
» Colorant mix is prepared in a pot using cement sand particles colour pigment of choice and minimum water. Few millimetre layer of colorant mix is spread on each rubber mould and levelled manually. If required dry cement is added on the surface.
» Rest of the rubber mold now filled with concrete mix and passed through the vibrating table to release any entrapped air to increase its strength.
» Rubber mold is levelled properly to ensure that it is completely filled with the concrete mix.
» Rubber mold are finally kept for curing for about 8-12 hours.
» Continue to apply thin coat of release agent mixture for total 6 times and keep producing concrete paver block for another 4 to 6 times.
» Each and every time the concrete the paver block for its damage signs.

Shree umiya precast paver block manufacture in India which see all the customer needs and work as a team And provide service like

» The white patches colour variation were also observed on the concrete paver block surface
» Customer was unhappy as the damaged concrete paver block inventory kept increasing over time.
» As a result short supply of finished products and increase in delivery time to their end users.
» Dow corning paver block manufacture in India with an Release emulsion product was tired for concrete paver block process using rubber, PVC and ABS molds.

There are some benefits for using Dow corning paver block

» Dow corning release emulsion did not show any substantial improvement in release property.
» Decrease in rejection rate during paver block manufacturing process using rubber molds.
» Improvement in product and maintaining finished goods delivery time schedule as per their end customer need may lead to cost reduction on wastage damaged concrete block inventory and its disposal.